The last day of the holiday 🙁 A sad day… But it turned out to be a good one! First we had breakfast in the room and then we went to the lobby to talk to the hotel manager. We thought. It turns out she is never in the hotel during the weekend ?!!? The front desk manager was the highest ranking person of the available staff…. We’ll talk to her later.
We drove to Sausalito for lunch. A nice trip, and since the weather was fantastic today, it was really busy in Sausalito. It is s small town, full of boutiques, small shops, restaurants, and many, many bicycles. After walking around have lunch on a restaurant’s patio, we drove back to San Francisco over the Golden Gate bridge, and continued all the way to San Jose. Here we went to a college football game between the San Diego Aztecs and the San Jose Spartans. It was very different from all the NFL Europe games we’ve seen. But we had a very, very good time. The audience is very fanatic and the game was pretty spectacular. Oh, and when the sun disappears it does get cold in Silicon Valley. Next time we will make sure we have sweaters readily available!
It was a great end of the day and the entire holiday!
In the hotel the manager was of course not available. That will be interesting during checkout tomorrow…