So, next step: hotel manager. While Rob tried to talk to the hotel manager, the valet supervisor printed directions for our dinner appointment. The hotel manager was not available.
Since we had to go, that meeting had to wait till later. The evening itself was very nice and took away the valet parking frustration. Neal and Karyn are nice people te be around. We had good fun!

When we got back to the hotel: no hotel manager. O well, tomorrow is a new day.
In the room we switched on the TV and checked the latest on hurricane Ike, that is supposed to hit Texas. We learned that Continental was canceling many flights to Houston. Since we need to fly to Amsterdam via Houston, we checked our flights: cancelled!! We immediately called our work and let them know we may not be in the office on monday. Next we tried to get new flights. Eventually we got seats on a flight to Amsterdam via Paris. On sunday. So we will arrive on day later and will miss on day work.